About Me

I am just like you, a beautiful soul choosing to have a human experience, seeking and learning along the way.  My journey started with heartache and loss as a child that served as one of many catalysts for my growth throughout my life.  My journey also led me to motherhood, another major catalyst for growth in my life.  I have learned that my experiences did not happen to me, but for me, and I am so grateful for each and every one even when it doesn't seem that way in the moment.

Throughout my career I found myself constantly searching for something, working incredibly hard and finding much success and professional growth in the corporate world, yet still unsatisfied. I yearned for connection, purpose, zest for life and touching others' lives in my daily work.  I quickly realized that my frustration and sometimes, emotional nature about the work I was doing, was God's way of telling me I was out of alignment with the purpose intended for me. 

My yoga practice started in 2007 but it was not until 2016 that I took the plunge, quitting the corporate gig and completing YTT200.  My yoga classes are creative flows focused on being fulling present in the moment, letting go of burdens and finding connection within.  Each class teaches me just as much as it does my students, and I know I will never stop learning through my teaching.

The more I learn to surrender to something bigger than myself, the more God hands me spiritual guides and mentors along the way.  I was blessed to be guided to Jikiden reiki and became a practitioner in 2017. Jikiden reiki continues to help me on my healing journey of mind, body and Spirit.  My teachers and spiritual mentors continue to serve as a significant spiritual healers and counselors in my life and I feel within my heart that I want to help others by sharing this sacred practice with them.  

Years ago I was asked during an onsite training at my job to write down my life's goal.  It could be career focused, financial, really anything we wanted.  I will never forget that I wrote, "To touch as many lives possible."  I kept it in my wallet for years and I am grateful that my journey has led me to find faith (something that I forgot), love for myself (also something I had forgotten how to do) and led me exactly to where I need to be to do exactly what I intended to do from the very beginning.

I look forward to learning from you.

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