Healthy Living

Your health is yours... OWN IT. I believe that we are intuitive beings that often times have forgotten to be intuitive.  My journey to understanding my intuition goes hand in hand to understanding my body, my Self, my connection to my faith. Often times this involves "unlearning" in many ways past beliefs and trusting the cues of my body.  Healthy living to me embodies mind, body and Spirit.  Reaching optimal health is when all are in sync. It takes real effort to get there and even more to stay there.  


I have come to accept and embrace my journey with all of it's ups and downs, as I have learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined.  I have learned to listen to my flare ups (autoimmune disease) and understand where they are coming from, as they only happen when I am out of alignment with something in my life.  I have come to understand the cycles of the moon and how truly connected we all are to the Universe and the energy shifts that occur.  I have learned that our bodies are a communication mechanism from our higher Self and something I should not dread or fear, but embrace and listen.  I have learned to truly appreciate food with real gratitude and love, for food is our medicine and food can and will heal us if we allow it to do so.  I have learned how strong I am with self discipline and trusting that inner voice.  I have learned that my body needs to move through running, weights and other forms of exercise beyond yoga and I have found a way to make that work with my hectic lifestyle.  I am truly PROUD of myself. While at times I have felt deprived or frustrated, I am grateful for this journey and hope that perhaps by sharing it, I can help others find their way.


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