EVERYONE needs yoga.

Yoga is not just stretching your body, it is so much more.  There are 8 limbs of yoga, only one being focused on the physical portion (Asana), the rest are in the stillness. I always tell my students that the magic happens in the space in between the sequences, just like the space between the breaths, the time when you allow yourself to just be present without physical movement.  I truly believe this concept. It is the breath and the stillness that makes us fully aware of everything happening in that moment. We take notice of our inhalations and exhalations, of our aches or pains both physically and emotionally. We notice the constant stream of thoughts that come through our minds and sometimes can begin to recognize and even understand patterns on how we think about ourselves, others, the world around us. Yoga is so much more than I ever thought possible when I started practicing during my lunch hour many moons ago. 


We all need yoga in our lives and in this world, and each teacher inspires me in some way to help as many people possible start their journey. For me, one of the many things yoga has taught me is to let go, live a little, have some fun.  My tendency to worry and sometimes serious nature have been challenged as I deepen my yoga practice and for that amongst many other things, I am grateful.

It is important to me that I not only teach at places where yoga is understood, but that I am touching lives of those that have never been exposed to the concepts of yoga. We are all on this journey together.

My scheduled classes can be found on the "Classes & Events" tab.  I am also available for private classes, children's classes (all ages), birthday parties and fundraisers. Email me for inquiries at jacwaszczak@gmail.com.

To gain an understanding about how my yoga journey started and how the Yoga Sutras have touched my life, please check out my blog post, "And so we begin..."

I look forward to practicing with you.


"My soul honors your soul.

I honor the place in you

Where the entire Universe resides.

I honor the light, love, truth,

Beauty and peace within you

Because it is also within me.

In sharing these things we are united

We are the same

We are One."


October 9, 2018

This is a synopsis of the beginning of my journey.  I wrote this years ago when completing my YTT200 at Soulspace Yoga, a place that will forever hold a space in my heart filled with gratitude for the teachers and the time well spent in this safe haven.  I felt like a pioneer on my own exploration within myself, this safe and comforting place (Soulspace) playing a significant role in my self-discovery.


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